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Do I Need an Appointment?

If you’ve received a notice from a taxing agency, it no doubtable has to be addressed. Scheduling an appointment to so we can review the document together is essential in determining the best course of action.
Changing the entity type of a business can be both beneficial and challenging. Whether the change is worth it depends on several factors, well beyond the tax implications. Scheduling an appointment will allow us time to ask the right questions to determine what the best course of action is for your business.
GREAT! We are too! Our whole goal at Fidelis CPAs is to change your expectations of a CPA. Far to often, customers find themselves at year end with tax bills or questions, only to find their current CPA has no time to assist (beyond filing the taxes of course). We pride ourselves on education, timely communication, and service. We want to refresh your perception of what it means to work with a CPA. Schedule an appointment to see for yourself.
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