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Nationwide Sales Tax Consulting

Guidance for Your Sales Tax

At Fidelis CPAs, we know that the right sales tax consultant professionals in your industry can point out opportunities for tax savings, reduce future audit exposure, and get back sales tax you shouldn’t have paid.

As a business owner, planning can be critical in the management of state and local taxes. Failure to diligently manage, comply, and plan for state taxes can result in harsh back taxes out of your pocket, along with penalties and interest.

Fidelis CPAs can review your prior tax filings to identify and educate you of potential exposures or unutilized credits.

Why use a CPA to help with Sales Tax?

Utilizing a professional CPA that understands your industry can save you thousands of dollars. Sales tax is one of the highest areas of liability for any business that sells tangible property or prepared foods. Often times businesses are required to collect both city and state sales tax, which can increase the likelihood of audit (and error).

We have experience with almost every state that collects sales tax, and have a deep understanding of the questions that need to be asked in order to determine your potential liabilities or savings. For example, do you offer discounts at the time of sale? Do you offer discounts to employees? Are you using a third party provider to deliver your products? Do you make sales in different cities or states? These are all questions that, depending on there answers, could have big impacts on what you’re paying (or what you could pay under audit).

Our process will help identify these areas of opportunity and help you make more informed business decisions on future actions. Contact us today for your no obligation consultation.