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CPA, Tax Specialist

Kenneth Thrower CPA

Resolution and Compliance
As a tax professional, I’ve been serving the accounting needs of businesses and individuals for more than a decade. In 2007, I began my career working at a reputable restaurant accounting firm. There I managed a team of 13 as we processed sales and payroll based taxes for clients in every state in the United States. After 13 years I moved on to work with other smaller accounting firms in similar capacities (with less management). My tenure has afforded me the opportunities to work with clients of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations, as well as see how different firms operate.

Throughout this time, one thing became clear to me. Business owners of all sizes need reliable professional and competent individuals to assist with taxes to avoid costly penalties and oversights. To help meet this need, I decided to open a firm that was centered around educating clients through exceptional service and technology.

People ask what led me to become a CPA given my diverse background in construction and sales? My answer is usually the same… I’ve been passionate about business since I was a teenager. I loved diving into the details of what made a company successful. Becoming a CPA seemed like a great way to merry my passion with my career (not to mention following the family business).

I graduated from Metropolitan State University with a double major in computer information systems and accounting. I later earned my master’s in accountancy and moved on to getting my CPA certification. Throughout my career I’ve accumulated extensive expertise and knowledge in various facets of business finance, including tax planning, financial statement analysis, process optimization and more.

Beyond business, and by far the most important aspect of my life, is my family. I prioritize them above all and will always encourage my clients to do the same. As a husband and father of 4, the moments I spend with family are relished and needed.

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